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Somewhere Over the Rose, 2014


Somewhere Over the Rose

Video production: 2014

Run time: 9:00 minutes


A celebration of the songs, styles and stories of two incredible yet completely different American icons…Judy Garland and Bette Midler. One is long gone and one is definitely still kickin’. One was a vulnerable, elegant train wreck...the other is a tough, trashy train. What could these two stars possibly have in common? Well, this show celebrates their songs, stories and similarities… as well as a few freaky coincidences. So join Kathy on a sophisticated and sassy adventure.


The run time of the show is 90 minutes, but it can be shortened as needed. The musical numbers include:  ZING WENT THE STRINGS OF MY HEART,  THAT OLD DEVIL MOON, MILLWORKER,  THE MAN THAT GOT AWAY, OVER THE RAINBOW, WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, FROM A DISTANCE, THE ROSE and HAPPY DAYS.

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