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Video production: 2010

Run time: 8:00 minutes

As Sophie Tucker, 2013


Sophie Tucker: Last of the Red Hot Mamas is a “private party” with the legendary dame herself. Since Sophie died in 1966 at the age of 82, most of us have no real memories of her- especially of her in her youth, when her voice was strong and her energy undiminished.


This show explores what she must have been like in her heyday at the age of forty-something, when she was sexy, strong and playful (let’s face it- she was the queen of vaudeville and burlesque), while still remaining true to her songs, story and dynamic personality.  The intimate nature of this show also allows the audience to see other sides of Sophie…the softer, more vulnerable colors that were present in her life, but rarely seen on stage.  Some of the famous songs included in the evening are I’m the Last of the Red Hot Mamas, A Good Man is Hard to Find, I Don’t Want to Get Thin, After You’ve Gone, The Man I Love, Life Begins At Forty, Yiddishe Mama and Some of These Days.


Sophie was the inspiration and groundbreaker for many of today’s brazen icons like Carol Burnett, Bette Midler, Madonna and even Miss Piggy. While some of these stars went farther into the shocking and scandalous, Sophie remains the queen of the naughty yet inoffensive sexual innuendo and playful commentary on love and life, and her philosophies remain relevant today. For this reason, it is a show that appeals to both sexes and all backgrounds, and promises to be a playful, raucous and moving evening with the legendary Red Hot Mama that was Sophie Tucker!

As Sophie Tucker, 2004

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