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"Kathy is our go-to voiceover artist for a number of reasons.  Her professionalism and attention to detail always ensures the perfect read.  We rarely ever offer suggestions for improvement on the reads she provides, as she nails it the first time."

-Monica Kolbay, Arachnid Works Ad Agency


“In addition to having a great voice, Kathy is a pleasure to work with!  Her professionalism and willingness to deliver on our projects  have been a great asset, especially when working under short time lines. We work on very technical material and Kathy does a great job of anticipating pronunciation and grammar issues so that we can deal with them in advance.  This greatly reduces any potential for re-work on our projects!”

-Morgan E. Cooke, NPI Program Manager | NterOne Corporation


“Kathy has been our voice for over 17 years and I could not imagine ever working with anyone else. She is always prompt, flexible and coachable.”

 -Jim Nicholson, owner of Gladhill Furniture


  • Narrating voice overs and voice acting for 15 years

  • Producing for 10 years

  • Fully equipped home studio



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